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Why you can rely on Claimsuite.



The Claimsuite servers are hosted in a facility that allows no public access, has video surveillance, security personnel, motion and heat detectors and biometric handscan access. The servers reside in segregated sections with their own air conditioning, independent power distribution units and dedicated Internet access and have been engineered for “lights-out operation”. The facility also has 3 generators, each one of which is able to power the data centre in the case of mains supply failure (the centre is housed in a two-storey, 100,000 square foot former-bank and can withstand Category 5 storms and operate in “stand-alone mode” for 5 days).


A wide range of best practice security arrangements are employed, such as configurable password policies (encompassing password complexity, password re-use, password ageing, account lockout), firewalls, anti-virus, regular security audits, etc. The industry-standard 128-bit SSL protocol is utilised to encrypt all traffic between the Claimsuite servers and a user's browser.


Backups of the Claimsuite web and database servers occur at the facility in Miami, USA using industry best practice routines and hardware. The backup hardware is stored in a separate, secure area of the data centre. Additionally, twice weekly backups of the live Claimsuite servers are made to a secure long-term archive in Datarise's London, UK offices.


“Claimsuite provides unlimited data capture and reporting power for communicating precious and precise information to clients - CONSISTENTLY ON A TIMELY BASIS and OFTEN BEFORE THEY ASK!”

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